Issue Rendering A .blend Template


I am fairly new to blender but i know my way around it. I have been trying to Render an Intro with a provided template. The template example can be found here And the download link for the template is Every time i render the video after making my edits to it(which is just changing the text and nothing else). I end up getting an all purple text and none of the cool effects in the video are displayed on my rendered video. Which leads me to believe i am doing something wrong. What am i supposed to do with the files provided in the download link? There is a file called 3000 BG Picture.png and Picture.jpg and there is also an effect in the file called You can use I believe those files aren’t making there way in to the rendered video and it is causing my render to look nothing like the one shown in the video. If anyone can answer my question and guide me I would highly appreciate it. I will attach the .blend file to this post if anyone wants to test it out for me. Thank you soo much! Template Emoji Style Edit.blend (5.63 MB)