Issue rigging leg with multiple bones

Hopefully this is pretty easy. I am trying to rig a simple mechanical leg and I am having a problem getting the rigging to work. I would like the top two bones remain fixed in relation to the root bone (large Horizontal bone) and the other bones to remain connected as things move as in the examples below.

Any suggestions on how to rig this would be appreciated.

Screenshot_20181008_123440 Screenshot_20181008_123312 Screenshot_20181008_124007 Screenshot_20181008_123541

I almost have it working I divided the front shin into two bones and created an IK chain from there for both the front and the back. The problem I am having is now the front shin is in two pieces and bends in the middle of the bone.

I have been unable to get both pieces of the shin to stay in a straight line, set an IK chain to the middle of a bone, or create ik chains with different sized control bones which stay together

Here’s what I came up with:


Use an extra bone parented to your shin bone as the IK target for the rear pair of bones. I also added pole targets for both IK chains.

double-leg.blend (516.7 KB)

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Thanks. That looks great and is exactly what I was trying to do.