Issue using 'Character' physics with a swinging door

Hi peeps, I’ve created a simple door and used ‘Rigid Body Joint’ constraint so that it swings on it’s axis when objects collide with it. However, when my character tries to walk through it, it doesn’t budge.

The door works perfectly when an object with Dynamic or Rigid Body physics collide with it, but my player has a ‘Character’ physics type and it simply collides and stops. I know I can use an animation to open the door but I’d rather use a physics door for my project.

Here is how I’ve set it up:


Physics Type: Rigid Body
Lock Translation: X, Y, Z
Lock Roation: X, Y

Collision Bounds: Convex Hull

Constraints: Rigid Body Joint
Pivot Type: Hinge
Target: hinge (empty)
Child Object: none


Physics Type: Character
Collision Bounds: box
Margin: 0.40 (default)

My thinking is that I will need to apply a ‘Dynamic’ physics type on the character and manually program in the jump and step attributes that conveniently come with the ‘Character’ type…

…unless someone here much more experienced than me, can provide a better solution?

Here, try this