Issue when converting imported SVG curve to mesh

Hi all,

I have a logo done in illustrator (has text and curves, but everything is converted to paths already), I import to blender as an SVG. When I open in Blender, I can only convert a select few of the curve objects to meshes. The rest appear to be closed, but don’t do anything when I try to convert.

Can anyone help troubleshoot?

What would you like us to troubleshoot? Your file perhaps? :eyebrowlift:

Probably a messy illustrator file source producing unnecessary extra points in the final, or not closing a path. Either fix the illustrator file or repair the curves in Blender.

i have that problem to

i donwload a maze svz from here
then import in blender the svg
then i have 100 curves LOL
i cant make them to one object, because they are not a mesh. and i cant make them to a mesh, because … no idea :smiley:

No can do.
Box select 100 curves, Ctrl-J makes one. Alt-C convert to mesh.

The curves appear to be closed and there are no overlapping points in the illustrator file. I’ll post an example file later tonight.

SVGtoMeshIssue.blend (481 KB)

Here’s the file, I’ve included a small part of the logo.

If anyone can help troubleshoot it’d be appreciated.

As often happens with curves they come in at a tiny scale but if you scale them up you have to (at least in some cases - Illustrator, I’m lQQking at you) APPLY the scale with ctrl A before it will convert successfully. I was able to convert all four of the curves afterwards easily this way.

Yeah, you need to apply scale. It also appears that there is a duplicate curve under each part.
This would be an easy logo to model anyway. You would get a much cleaner mesh if you just spent a few minutes to model it.

grarghghgrhgrhr…I spent so many hours and didn’t think about that!

Thank you SO much.

Rich, were I to model the logo instead, what kind of work flow should I take? I’m a total newbie to any non-CAD modeling. Should also note, this is just a fraction of the logo, in all it’s about 20 chars and four swooshes.