Issue when exporting to Marmoset

I’m trying Marmoset Toolbag 4, and I’m having some geometry artifact when exporting FBX, or OBJ.
The meshes are clean, no overlapping vertexes, or bad normals. In fact, geometry looks good when imported in C4D, or Substance Painter.

But in Marmoset I get this:

It kind of work when I export an STL, but then UVs aren’t there, and normals are off.

Any hint on what else should I check other than vertexes/normals?

Quick one: Do you have any n-gons? Maybe they are interpreted differently in Marmorset? And causing this overlapping trouble?

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Try using Triangulate Faces before the export.

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Thanks @Okidoki and @RSEhlers

The triangulation did the trick. Not sure why Marmoset needs that, other software seem fine without going that extra step.

You should generally assume that most software won’t be happy about ngons and in particular those geared toward real-time rendering.

No mesh with an ngon is “clean” and you appear to have concave ngons which is far worse.

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In C4D use ‘remove N-gons’ and just to be on safe side after that run optimization, and use mesh cheker.
In this way you will not triangulate entire mesh and get too much unnecessary polygons.

In C4D, the models look already good, as well as in Substance Painter.
In 3D Coat too, with some adjustments to the import settings.

The only one that gives me issues is Marmoset.

This is way how to make mesh good for Marmoset in C4D with removing only critical area, not triangulate entire mesh. Sometime you have to much N-gons or they are small - hidden so best is to remove it all with one button. Usually issue when import mesh from MOI3D.
You can do it in every software of course.
btw. I don’t use Marmoset.

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