Issue when linking/appending particle systems - orange outlined particles, everything else blue

Hi all, I’m having a problem with some particle systems. Basically my main file is too large to bake sims, so I’m baking them in an external file and linking/appending them. With both sims, when linking them, everything is outlined in blue, except the particles, which are outlined in orange. This wasn’t causing an ostensible problem so I left it, but now I’m trying to send the file to a render farm and it seems to be the root cause of a crash.

To add more info, one sim uses two particles, ico.002 and 003, but when linking/appending uses another particle, 051. This happens I think even after I delete 051 from every file. But I must have used it at some point because it seems to use animation nodes as it changes in size to the same audio file in the same way as 002 and 003.

With the other sim, I can’t see that it uses a different particle, but the crash error is to do with the collision object, aae, so the particles not coming in outlined in blue (even though I am taking to appending as of most recent) is really the ‘bug’ that I’m hoping someone has had similar experiences with. The files are too large to upload, as i happens.

Thanks for any help/information.