issue wih the texture on the floor

i have an issue with the floor the texture is not working on the floor


Oh… To bad.

blend file, or at least screenshots?

Blender Internal or Cycles?
Have You set correct UV map?

blender internal render engine as cycles taking longer than the blnder engine. and the bounced light created just white fire flys .no ive not set a uv map… Ive tried a refelction map

I also tried refelcting the environmentin the floor which was to stong


upload .blend (1.01 MB)

ive create test image by creating the floor seperate. Having the two images are now working the grey areas are the masked area (image) refelcting the environment around it surroundings.

Ive place a red cube to test the mask is working.


ok i have the mask of the eeflection map to create the tunnel damp effect. I owoud likereverse the colours of the mask. I will upload the mask ive used andshow how the white opauqe area is reflecting the environment not the black . I though the black reflected and the white would stay opauqe not transparent


Ive attached the refelction map or mask. not sure what the term is for this process.I would like to reverse the mask . The white is opquqe and the black relect the environement (hope that makes sense)


sorry i want the reverse the colours dont worry about the grey . I just wnat image 1 top image to reverse the reflection. like similar to photoshop when using inverse to swop the colours

ive added the floor. ive took the reflection off the floor.May be there should be slight refelction. When i tried the reflection of the second texturwe it was to strong or maybe the refrection settings might have been incorrect.