Issue With a Mesh Faces not showing

I have made a mesh, rigged it and now Im going to texture it, but for some reason I cant see some of the faces. When I try to make a face it tells me there already is one, what has happened to my faces and how can I fix this? File included.



Prisoner.blend (630 KB)

it’s because you are in texture mode . the normal is facing inwards which is why no face is shown. Flip the normal around and you should be set.

how do you make it so when your making faces the normal faces outwards? and thanks! :smiley:

normal vectors (direction) are controlled by the order in which you select your vertices (clockwise vs. counterclockwise). dont bother yourself with this while you are modeling, just hit ctrl + n every once in a while, it will align all the normals for you.

okay i’ve taken a look at the file you provided and the topology is errm…“sub-par.” first of all, there are polygons inside the joints on your model (hips, neck and shoulders). get rid of them, there is absolutely no need for them and they mess up the normal calculations. also, get rid of all those triangles on the arms, they are completely unnecessary. if you need, make some loop cuts along your limbs so they can join with the body. and either split off the thumbs from the body (select the thumbs and hit ‘Y’) or make them attached properly.

although i think after all this your person will be perfectly ready for animation, texturing or whatever :slight_smile:

Ok, Um how can I remove faces, it only has an add face option. also how would you loop cut? thanks :smiley:

Selecting the faces you don’t want and hitting delete or the X button usually works. Loop cut = Ctrl-r

thanks :smiley: :3