Issue with Auto Smooth


I’m having some problems with Auto Smooth. After right clicking the mesh and then selecting “Shade Smooth”, I check marked Auto Smooth. I played around with the angle settings and noticed the nose part isn’t getting affected. I’m not happy with how it looks and would like it to have a smoother look. Is there anything I missed?

I think there is simple not enough geometry to look more smoother. Shade smooth affect only normals and how they reflect light. It helps so you don’t have to use high dense meshes. Your model is currently very low poly, so it is the best job shade smooth can do. Try to apply modifier “subdivision surface” and you will see the difference.

Hi Fowl,

I guess it will have to do for now then. The model will be seen from afar anyway so it isn’t that much of a deal. Thank you anyway for your reply. :slight_smile: