Issue With Baking Normal Map

I have an issue when I bake my high poly object to my low poly objects uv’s. This hasn’t happened for me before so it is rather confusing, seeing as I don’t have much experience baking normal maps in the first place. Anyways, I followed the basic instructions, where I created a material then set blender to cycles. Then in the node editor I opened a new image I created in an image texture node. I set the baking type to normals then checked the selected to active box. After clicking bake this was my result.

As you can see it is patchy and the normals presented are not representative of the high poly mesh. I’m not sure what to do. Maybe one of you will know what the hell is going on and can enlighten me. The image is 4096x4096, but attempting to bake to a lower res image yielded similar results.