Issue with Blender

I do hope this is the correct place to put issues and what have you…

I’m having quite the peculiar little issue here and for the life of me I’m not exactly sure what to even look for, I’ve searched and searched and no luck has stricken me.

The issue I’m having and keep in mind this hasn’t happened to me before in the previous Blenders the others prior to 2.71 (I believe) have all worked fantastically, I just now removed 2.71 and re-downloaded an older version to see if the issue still occurs and the same thing is happening on there as well. The buttons seem off centered with my cursor when I go and click a button. I’ll hover over the button, click and nothing happens, I’ll move the cursor around the button and about an inch or two above it will highlight, then I will have to click several times before the button responds.
Any help or guidance to this would be appreciated.

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I had an issue kinda like that after a nvidia driver update recently, although it was though out windows. But It cleared up after a windows update and two resets. Not sure if that will help in your case but its worth a shot.