Issue with "control" + "+" to expand selection

Hello, I have a problem. I’m trying to expand my selection in blender using the “control” + “+” shortcut.
But however it does not work with my keyboard (see picture). As far as I think it’s just because of my Swiss Layout Mac Keyboard. So the problem is, that to access the “+” you have to do “shift” + “1” because “+” is over “1”. So when I try “control” + “1” (there’s no “+”-key) then it points the view into the direction of the y-axis. And if I do “control” + “shift” + “1” (shift+1="+") it points the view in the direction of the sky.

Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this issue?


If “Emulate numpad” doesn’t do it, perhaps remapping a custom key-config might? Unless you can find one suitable for your layout, it’ll likely take a bit of work. (Not sure if it shows conflicting hotkeys though, so there’s still that to watch out for.)