issue with contstraints bone

this work well, but
if target(of constraints) is a duplicated object(ex Empy,Empty,Empty) , constraints find only ONE obj duplicated , so is wrong

is full of bugs in the armature,not can avoid one why , there are ever other…(

perhaps if you could possibly elaborate the issue and post a .blend file, perhaps someone else can check it out and report bugs if any, or otherwise help you out.:rolleyes:


in all case this bug exist also in 2.57

How can that be wrong? You can only target one object. You did not tell which one to target.

What you can do is to target a unique empty. Place the empty at the object you have chosen. Then parent the empty to it.
This is a good way in a lot of situations.

the problem I have always found,
is in this case:

edit mode-> 1 Armature -> 1 constraint ->1 Empty -> 1 target

BGE-> 10 armature ->10 constraints -> 10 Empty-> 1 target

(note 1 target,not 10)

the procedure is a bit complicated, because in fact serve also a other Empty as a reference to the Empty target
so, can make in different way
In any case I always had the same kind of error,all constraint track only one Empty (instead 10)

Only now, I was doing a demo for the bug report, and for the first time it works …
the only thing different is not done the references to property of armature …(but this not ever done any problem)

mah … strange

How do you enter the target of the constraint?


and work , but i ever write in this mode!

now make a decent demo …with this “new” utility

So, is there some kind of bug
or, if it is not “technically” a bug
is an abnormal behavior

then, “din.L”, and “din.R” are 2 identical objects (dynamic empty)
then you could avoid them both, and make only one(!)
but if you try to do this you will see errors coming …
however, is a small-small problem this.(compared to what I first thought)

pratically(for now) solved

demo,to understand what I mean …


ikkkkkkkkkk.blend (138 KB)


But in this way can not be dynamic objects the empty(although in fact it is not necessary, but much more convenient if they are)