Issue with duplicating nurb curves

Im using Blender For Dummies, and there is a section where I can take a NURBS curve, and make a boat out of it by skinning it. I get to the point where I want to duplicate the curve making the base of it, but it only moves on the z axis! I have to move it on the y to make this work. And then after that, everything seems messed up, and copies are made, etc. What am I doing wrong here?

Hi Alski,

Try hitting the 3D button in the Curve and Surface panel.

Hope this Helps?

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Thank you, that seemed to solve that problem
But now my problem is, is when I press F, it says “cannot make segment”

Argh, I know its probably something little, but what am i doing wrong again?


Did you use Add/Curve/NURBS Curve? Because for the excersise you
are doing requires Add/Surface/NURBS Curve.

Hope this helps?



Oh no! Thank you, hopefully that didnt set me back too far, I thought it was asking for a curve.

Thank you