Issue with Eevee render, strange lines


I hope someone can help me with this as I am not sure as to why it is happening.

I am getting strange streaks or lines on my models after rendering in Eevee, can someone please provide some ideas as to why as I am at a loss.

I have tried changing the shaders, the lights, I have removed and replaced the lights nothing has worked.

This render I have done is set up in eevee. This scene is the colour scene, with 3 area lights, a point lamp and a sun light. The colours are just simple shaders. I have shadows in another scene as they are being rendered in Cycles. My render settings are 128 samples, 1024 x 1024px and the animation itself is set to 24 fps. I am not sure what other information maybe provided so please advise and hopefully this issue can be fixed.

Thank you in advanced.

Check to see if the normals are facing out.
There is a toggle in the overlays pull down while in Object mode. Once toggled you should see all blue, and red means a normal is flipped.
If checking in Edit mode there will be lines in the direction of your normals orientation, instead of blue/red color markers.


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Hi @CookItOff,

Thank you for the response. I have checked the normals and they are all fine.

Its the oddest thing, on my colleagues mac the issue was only severe when zooming in on the render, on my mac, it wasn’t there at all. On my computer at home which is a PC is was worse.

I have just rendered on another windows computer, and there are no streaks at all.

Thank you for the assistance, but this issue seems to be a conundrum.


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