Issue with end object and sound

Hi there! I’m new to blender and the BGE but so far I’m greatly enjoying it and I love the wealth of information that can easily be found here and on other sites.
I have a quick question though. When using the logic bricks, I have a near sensor, connected to an ‘AND’ controller and then two actuators connected to the controller. The first is a sound actuator that plays a sound. The second is an edit object ‘End Object’. When I have both of them connected the object ends successfully but no sound is played. If I get rid of the ‘End Object’ actuator so it is just sound then it works great.
Thanks for your time!

Is the logic brick attached to the ending object? If so, maybe the end object actuator is getting called before the sound actuator.

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Welcome to the forum man, great to have a new comer but…

Why would you want to end the object? If you don’t want the object to be seen and to only play the sound, just have an empty or use the camera as the sound producer… Or if you mean to end the sound when the object ends, make an always sensor to play the sound all the time, then when you end it the sound will go away.

If you would tell us what you want to do it’ll help.

Thanks for the responses!
Yes, the logic brick is attached to the ending object, and I’m wondering if that is the problem. What I’m trying to do is have a box play an explosion sound and disappear when it is hit by my character.

Try attaching a boolean property starting with the value of True. The end object actuator that you are using now, change it to Property and assign that property you added a value of false. Then add another sensor, use Property, leave it on equal and use the Property you added and a false value. Then add another contoller and actuator to end the object.

That’s a bit more complicated, you need it to be timed, you should learn python for that matter or use the timer property.

You can probably do this without python - using states.
I guess that playing the sound and ending the object at the same time conflict, but try play the sound and rather then end object, switch to a second state.
That state can have an end object actuator.

This means the end object will always happen 1 logic tick after playing the sound. just a guess but I find this kind of thing often works well.
You could also work around this by having the sound actuator on a separate object.

What I suggested can be be done using only logic bricks and no python required.