Issue with fluid obstacle's "export animated meshes".


I wanted to animate water hitting rigged model. I set up inflow for fluid source and for rigged model I set up fluid obstacle physics as shell, no slip and checked “export animated meshes”. The fluid source: inflow, volume, checked “export animated meshes”.

However, fluid obstacle “export animated meshes” only recognises a default pose of my rigged mesh, even though I set up different pose. In a result fluid is stuck around fluid source inside the default pose of my mesh preventing fluid from inflowing in direction I want.

Do you have idea what causes the problem?

Have a nice day.

The most common issue in situations like this, is the modifier order for your obstacle.
Blender evaluates modifiers from top to bottom.
So for your obstacle to work as expected, the armature modifier needs to be above the fluid sim modifier.
You can move the modifiers by clicking the little up/down arrows on the right.

Also, if your inflow object is only using keyframed loc/rot/scale, you don’t require the “export animated meshes”
option for it.

Thank you. It solved my problem. I was looking for information regarding my problem or tutorials, but nothing mentioned modifier can affect fluid in such way.

Now, it’s time to find sweet spot where fluid looks realistic enough, but not take ages to bake.

Have a nice day :slight_smile: