Issue with generating 2.79 rigify rig

the 2.79 version of rigify presents a peculiar problem that never presented in earlier versions.
when adjusting the meta rig to a given model’s proportions and then generating the true rig, the roll value on the limb bones is way off

in this image you can see that the limbs have been altered from their original position at given degrees.

and this is the result. the bones are pointing correctly, but are twisted by default, including the hand bones and i dont know how to prevent this from happening

I can confirm. Rigify has lot of issues and restrictions. That’s why i decided to make rig from scratch for my model.

Same happend to me yesterday. You can still correct the control bones in edit mode manually.

yeah, but this would just add another layer of work, and i would prefer not to have to do this every time

Everyone knows that the rolls are given out by the angle in which you pose the limbs. Just pose the elbow correctly from a top view (which angle has been conidered in the py code in Rigify=1 angle per arm only) The rest of the limbs should be aligned in either A pose or T pose.
Alternatively: Pro Rig.

Rigiffy takes time to master. But when you do, it works out of the box.