Issue with Linked resources

I have developed an issue that seams to be occuring randomly where Blender will behave in one of 2 ways when linking to a resource in another blender file. This has occured with some materials and with meshes.

Behavior 1 (preferred); The selected resource is linked as an orphaned resource ready to be used. In the case of a mesh, this is just the mesh by itself. In the case of a material, its the material, its texture and image.

Behavior 2 (irritating); The selected resource is linked and an object is created in the scene along with the resource mimicking the used object form the source file. This object is completely hard-locked, it can not be altered, changed, manipulated in any way, shape or form. Creating a junk object that interferes with the scene I’m working with.

Note, in all cases, I am NOT linking to an object at all. One is just being arbitrarily linked to in the 2nd behavior. This is new behavior as well.

I do not know what is causing the difference in behaviors. Is it a file preference? and object setting? material setting? alignment of the extra planetary bodies of the universe? the time of day? what?
All I know is sometimes behavior 1 occurs and everything works fine, and sometimes behavior 2 occurs and I have issues.

When you link an object it pops up as a completely immobile object. Linking a group, mesh or material does not have this problem.

If you do link an object and get this unmovable thing, you can Alt-Duplicate it, and get this object that can be moved, rotated and scaled, but it’s mesh and material info is in another file.

There is also make local options on the object menu of the 3D view for when you link an object, and now want to make a local, edited version.

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