Issue with Mirror Modifiers (Faces already deleted, also tried clipping) (Gifs Attached)

(philiphoting) #1

Hi guys,

I have been modeling a helmet and used modifiers including “Mirror”, “Subsurf”, “Edge Split” and “Solidify”.

I have already applied the “Solidify” modifier. But there is a strange crease appearing on the mesh in the middle.

I have already deleted the faces on the mirror axis after applying the “Solidify” modifier.

And then I tried tweaking the clipping but still no luck.

Then I try tweaking the orders of the modifiers but still no luck and even made it worse.

Is there a way to make the crease in the middle disappear? Did I do anything wrong?

P.s. An extra question would be the order of applying modifiers. Is there a necessary order for applying the above four modifiers?


(JA12) #2

Mirror goes at the top, then solidify, then SDS modifier. Edge split is useless, use auto smooth instead whenever you need to control shading.

We can only work with the provided information and if there’s something else wrong that causes it, don’t care because

Yes. You didn’t attach an example file, the actual troubleshooting time goes to staring at your gif’s, and

Information such as this will be clear in a full interface screenshot without you writing anything.