Issue with network rendering

When I try to render something from the sequencer window with the network renderer, all I get is a black screen. It will render the contents of the 3d window just fine though. Is this normal?

If i am not mistaken about how network rendering acts, then the answer is yes, it is normal.
The client sends the scene to the master. The master decides wich slaves are free and order the slaves to render. The client waits for the slaves to complete the job (during this time the render-window is black), and receives the finished image/animation over the network.
By the way… You can have client and master on the same machine.
Thats usefull if you only have two computers at hand. What i did was starting the master on the first computer. Then the slave on the second, and then the client back on the first one.

I apologize. I wasn’t very clear in what I meant. When I send a job to be rendered on the network, the actual final product is all black, except for what is in the 3d window. If there is a movie or image or anything in the sequencer, it is as if the renderer ignores it.

When your render is black, its almost always, a lighting problem.