Issue With Render Image and Video

I am currently making an animation (Minecraft Animation) and when I render a image or video, the characters I have placed in it are the only things rendered and the clouds the grass blocks/objects will not appear. I have never had this issue before but that being said this is also my second animation. If anyone can help it would be much appricated.

Under the “Render” tab on the properties toolbar, go to “Film” and then check “Transparent”, you might have turned off the “transparent” switch which will render your background transparent.

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I don’t see a “Film” option under the “Render” tab

I do not see any files option under the render tab could you post a photo of it by any chance?

You won’t see it because that setting is for a different renderer, not applicable in this case.
Objects not rendering can be caused by numerous reasons, the screenshots on their own do not help in anyway in determining which of these reasons is the case here. Please supply a link to a demo blend file that shows the effect.

The terrain is most likely hidden from the render (same way as H hides objects from the viewport). Open the Outline panel, find your objects that are not rendered and check if they are activated for render (a Camera icon should be fully opaque next to the objects if yes). Else, check them and give it a try.

Thanks SolarLiner that was the issue all of the cameras were gray and it was hiding the blocks thank you so much for your help!!!