Issue with rigs and morphs importing from Daz Studio?

I looked it up before on the Daz website on how to fix the rig which is all bent back and out of shape, hit the rest position alright done.

But the rest position disables me to pose my model.

I also have some facial morphs which

/uploads/default/original/4X/d/0/3/d031ff03a3d31f62a342440228a183225302d639.PNGstc=1came from Iclone that I would like to use in blender as face shapes. And it only works when I import it as an FBX when i export it as a Collda or an OBJ it doesn’t show up in blender.

Is there any addon that will fix this?

I’ve only been using blender for about a half of year and been using daz for a month or so now.
So still pretty new to this so try to keep it simple if you can thank you hahah. :slight_smile: