Issue with scaling a rig

Whelp I was about to use Porl in a unity project, but I needed to scale him from 5m to 1m75-ish.
However once you apply the scale ( see attached .blend) it all goes wonky.

Is this a feature?
To test: select all, apply scale, see Torso getting deformed and weirdness happen.

I tried deleting all the keyframes to no avail, could somebody explain to me what is happening, and maybe how to fix it?


Porl_positioned_Problem.blend (3.71 MB)

One question before I look at it - did you scale the armature and did you apply the scale to the armature in Object Mode?

Cheers, Clock.

Both the armature and the object were scaled in Object Mode.

THe rub is that when I apply the scale ( going from 0.3 back to 1) to the mesh and the armature, it seems to distort the weighted mesh, whilst the armature stays the same.

OK, I will take a look this afternoon.

Cheers, Clock.

Aha! you are scaling the entire group, armature AND mesh in one go I think. This is not necessary - just scale the armature and the mesh will follow, if you scale the mesh at the same time as you scale the armature, chaos ensues, since this scale is applied to the mesh on top of that already imparted to the mesh by scaling the armature, i.e. it is scaled twice - not good, the bones no longer fit the mesh. When you apply the scale to the armature, it is also applied to the mesh, since the mesh is a child of the armature. Hope this all makes sense.

Cheers, Clock.

Also you have some hidden armature layers, this could be a problem when you scale - not sure about this but…

Finally, I always scale an armature in Rest Position, not Pose Position - don’t know if this could also be a factor… It seems to affect the pose if I apply a scale to your model, having scaled it in Pose Position, the same does not apply if I scale it in Rest Position (you do not see this until you apply the scale BTW).

Thanks! It seems to be working now (making all layers visible and just scaling the armatures).