Issue with Shape key distortions when Importing MHX2 files into Blender

Currently i have been working on Importing some models from Make human into Blender, While on the older versions of blender i had no issue i was required to upgrade to 2.79. This is where the issues started. With the way im importing them i using Shape keys to control most of the face animation stuff, but i have noticed a major problem with the Mouth Open Shape key, in both 2.79 and 2.8 using this shape key distortions the teeth vertically aswell, stretching them out the more the mouth opens as seen here.

While that is more extreme of a mouth shape its still a issue that occurs with however much i open the mouth. Needless to say this somewhat messes with how well i can use these models for animations.

As mentioned i have tested this on both 2.79 and 2.8 (currently on 2.79) along with upgrading and downgrading importer plugins, both have the same issue, this also occurs with my older meshes i imported before my updates so it seems like its a issue with how blender is interpreting the MHX2 data. I also threw a similar thread up the Make Humans forums but i assumed here was more active.

So is this just a issue that cant be fixed or have i missed something completely, i honestly have spent very little time with Drivers and shape keys.