Issue with stencil texture painting

Hey! So, i’m trying to get this stencil on one side of a mesh/object, but the moment I start painting, the whole mesh/object gets covered! Itried separating and UV mapping the side I want stenciled out from the rest of the object, but the same thing still occurs. Any advice on this?? should just be the letters on one side of the mesh/object

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Please add a screenshot, not a camera picture, of your Brush settings and your UV map. It’s not really possible to see what’s going on here :slight_smile:

Hey! Will do, I’m pretty new to blender, so I may have not gotten the screen shot of teh brush settings you are referring to, but please let me know if you need any more info. Hope these screen shots will clear things up.

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That does help! No worries, you’re already doing great in Blender :slight_smile:
To fix your problem, you’ll want to change the Mapping of the Texture to Clip, instead of Repeat:

You can find those settings in the red checkerboard icon in the Properties :slight_smile:

Hhhmmmm, gave it a shot, still seem to hace the same problem

Hmmm… ok, well since that’s not the problem that does narrow things down to Brush or UV settings. Your UV might be fine, I’m not sure from your screenshot. Can you share your file?

Yeah let me see if I can, seems the file size isa bit large, says there is an error with uploading the file

Thank you for taking time into this by the way!

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try this!

Found your problem!
2022-04-19 09_32_50-Blender_ C__Users_Joseph_Downloads_send for help .blend
In your Texture menu up there at the top, change that mapping to Stencil instead of Tiled :slight_smile:

Hm, still run into the same issue. It’s alright though, I think I’ll try creating new wall and slapping that onto the side and see what that does XD