Issue with Toon shading

Hi guys!
I’ve been toying around with toon shading and all post processing shenanigans and can’t seem to figure out how to get it to render correctly.
Here’s what I mean :
I am trying to get all the main lines (base shape, main “cone”, including its round base) to be outlined and all I get from cranking up the edge treshold makes it go from this
to this

Obviously I don’t want to see the cone’s edges.
What would the best solution be?
Sorry for the poor lighting I’m kinda experimenting with that too.
Thanks for any reply!

You probably want to stop using the old school Edge render system and move up to the Freestyle line rendering system. It has more options such as trace contours. Any edges that don’t trace you can specify, at the mesh level, to be included for tracing.


Thanks a lot!