Issue With Transparency: Why is the White Still Here? 2.0

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I’m working on a project where I have a tattered transparent flag and have run into an issue. I have put the texture onto a plane but cannot remove the white.

Here my picture is with alpha disabled and then enabled.

It’s a PNG, and I have enabled transparency. I did not have this issue before today, as I was able to make the transparency work. I’m not sure what happened. Someone please assist.

Please show your full material and texture settings.
Please supply link to your texture and .blend file

If you’re using cycles, your best bet is to use the alpha channel to control transparency. The image texture node has a “color” output for the RGB information and an “alpha” output for the transparency information. Use the “color” output as normal (i.e. plug it into a diffuse shader, add glossy shaders or whatever you like), and then between the last shader and the material output add a “Mix Shader” node. As the second input, create a “Transparency Shader” node, and make sure the color is set to pure white. Then run the “alpha” output from your texture into the “Fac” input of the mix shader. You may need to swap the inputs to get the correct result - I can never remember whether “0” (black) means transparent or opaque on the alpha channel.