Issue with UV map size

Having this issue with the UV map of the top part of a platform I made. For some reason the platform is not the same scale in the 3D viewport as it is in the UV map. So when importing UV textures it is distorted. This seems to permeate throughout quite a few of our models. Also the fact some are blured. Image attached of the issue.

Would love for some help, getting stuck on trivial circumstances but coming from Maya not sure how to handle a few of these instances.

Look in the properties panel (N) and ensure the objects scale value is the same for each axis. If not use Ctrl+A.
For hard surface objects its usually best to use ‘Conformal’ as the UV unwrap method rather than the default ‘Angle Based’. Unwrap and then change in the toolshelf (T) or F6

Much obliged I will give it a go, I had used ctrl A, but it seemed manual scaling worked well. Just a little to inefficient for my liking.