Issue with visible polygon-ish lines in a very high poly model.

NOTE: the model is a nude female, so image is NSFW potentially

Hi, I am 3D printing this model, and I am getting very visible lines that are in the model, as shown here.

Not really sure how to use blender to remove this. Normally I’d just increase poly count however it’s already in the millions. Suggestions?


i havent done any 3D printing before, but i think its just because the printer is bad. try printing a small cube and see if you get the same lines.

one thing though, add a subsurface modifier. i can see the faces of the mesh. keep in mind that Smooth Shading does NOT apply when 3d printing, so you need the mesh to be as smooth as posible.

you can see the other guy also has small lines, and it looks like hes been using sandpaper to smoothen it down. you should maybe do the same.

The printer never gets these lines, if you notice the lines match the ones the model has.

I didn’t think about him sanding it down! That makes sense. I was thinking maybe he uploaded an older/worse version.

Anyways, I found the sculpting “smooth” tool. Works great! Thanks for the reply.