Issues Appending one blender file onto another

I’m extremely new with blender… basically what I’m trying to do is a clothing mod for the Sims 4 I’ve always wanted to learn Blender and i figured starting out with clothing and hair mods for the Sims might be a good place to start.

I decide to go a little extreme and make a top based on a different mesh I have downloaded.

so i tweak that mesh and append it into the top mesh… and it’s not showing the textures… It shows the textures on the file on it’s own, and it does have the textures in there… it’s just shadeless orange.

I just don’t know what’s going on .3.

any help would be appreciated. I’ve attached a couple pictures showing what i’m dealing with :x

Textured viewport shading mode shows images assigned to UV faces (face assigned textures) by default. Make UV’s visible in the UV/image editor and then select the image from the list.

Material viewport shading mode shows material assigned image textures and shading. If the materials are set up with the texture and there’s light in the scene, it can also show it

Would someone elaborate on this for 2.8? I am the same step. This is my first week trying to accomplish anything in the 3d world. This is my file: I’m sure it’s messed up. Feel free to make a list HAHA