Issues for a Beginner

I am new to Blender, Using Ubuntu 13.04 OS and the available Blender 2.66a from the Ubuntu Package Repository.

First issue: I am having is periodically crashing. I am unsure if this is an Ubuntu Problem, or Blender issue.
I have Crashing issues with other programs after they perform a specific task, but Blender Crashes anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 minutes after Opening.

Second Issue: I have watched the CGCookie 6 part Beginner series, and I beleive I understood what it explained and Demonstrated.

I have watched Blender tutorial videos from variety of people on Youtube. In all of these videos, if they are doing an Area Select for a group of Faces/Edge/Vertices on a single object, for example: intending to flatten the bottom of the object The get a geometric Area select Start at point A drag across to Point B and down to Point C, Select within a Square…Or A diagonal to B, select within a square/rectangle off of those two points…

When I try to do this same Function, I get a free select, I have the straight line from point A to B… but my exact trail is marked regardless how jagged it is… What am I doing wrong?

I’ve been using Linux (Debian)/Blender for many years now, and Blender have “crashed” some times and Debian…well, two or three times!
You must check your system!
Anyway you can try/download the current Blender version ( 2.68) and try it, no need to install, just click the blender icon in the new folder.

And any answer to the Select?

Update on the select, Right Click to select: I can’t simply select the nearest face/edge/vertices… the program wants to reach through and select areas I don’t want to select…

Hello again
I guess that’s better that you “reset” your blender configuration with “Load Factory Settings” in the File menu?
Then, you could select any point/edge/face with RightMouseClick
Press Shift key to “add” to selection, Shift-Alt will select “loops”, with LMC, B key will select with a square zone, C with a circle one, pressing Ctrl key while using LMC will select with lasso, Ctrl-Shift to deselect

you most likely have it set to select through. in the 3d window run along the rail of icons until you see one that looks like a cube with dots on all the corners (to the right of where the buttons to set selection type are) you want it pressed.

you may want to go ahead and grab a copy of the “manual” from"Marco+Ardito"

so you can read it offline (note this is not absolutely current but is as close as you will get short of surfing the wiki itself)

Thank you this has helped

If you have crashing issues, it most means that either you don’t have RAM or that your cooling fans aren’t powerful. You need to upgrade your RAMs or fan - or both. My computers used to crash a lot in the past. I was using 2D painting softwares and also others. Graphics and videos most crash your computer as they are that RAM-hungry. If your computer is RAM deficient, don’t have too many programs open at same time. Too many can crash your computer. Another, for RAM-deficient PC or laptop, keep your works SMALL in MB size. Too large in MB size will crash your computer.
If you are using a laptop, buy yourself a cooling tray that you can slip under your laptop. You will have less crashing after that.
Page of cooling trays for laptop.

This is the cooling tray that I use for my Lenovo laptop. I bought for its high ratings by satisfied customers. Nearly two years since the date of purchase, my laptop has never once crashed. it cools my laptop. I use my laptop for digital painting, animation, video editing, etc. If you’re wondering, I use Wacom Intuos Small with my laptop.

Next time you think of buying a new computer or laptops, be sure to visit Youtube for critical reviews on computers, laptops, upgrades, etc. People write in their views on products. I always ask strangers at YouTube as to how their purchased goods are doing. Many write back telling me how satisfactory or faulty their goods are. I had done this for tablets, laptops, etc.

I dont keep a lot open…
Skype, though usually not active
Pidgin, again rarely active
and my art program [GIMP or Blender, never both]

I’m on a Toshiba satellite that was originally win 7 OS converted to Unbuntu 13.04

I keep a cooling tray plugged in
I have No income for a new computer
these art programs are to assist in my Freelance Graphic Design

getting 2.68a non install hasnt crashed until the 2.66a install

Do not use repository versions of Blender. Remove it. Get it directly from, unpack, run.

I know it’s best to get the software from the repository but Blender is an exception to that. Packaging is not done right or something else is going on, but repository versions for different distros have all kinds of issues, including stability, missing features, incorrectly working features, and just being plain old.