Issues importing files from 3ds max and Maya


I have a Human model with rigging in 3ds Max and Maya. I exported this model as .Obj, .3ds, .DAE files and imported in Blender. But, these files are not importing in Blender. Could someone please guide me how to properly import 3ds max and maya file in blender?

Thank you!


File / User Preferences / Addons. Enable the appropriate import/export addon
Then look in File / Import menu
Select the file you want to import and set the import settings in the bottom left corner of the file browser.

But, these files are not importing in Blender.
Are you sure ? Do they show in the outliner window


Addon’s are already there. There is no issue with choosing the import/export option. The file which i converted to .DAE or .3ds and then importing into blender, does show nothing, does NOT import anything.

Give an example

Check the outliner, press the / key on the numpad. Some objects import with very strange location/scale data.

And upload an example file, saying something doesn’t work doesn’t help us at all, there are a million things that could be wrong.

And one that has been wrong many times is export from 3ds max. Older version of max or other issue.