issues in the blender bakery

I’m following a short video tutorial on how to turn high def sculpting into normals, but i seem to be having some problems. when i get to the step where i hit the big BAKE button, it keeps on telling me that there are “no images found to bake to”. how do i go about fixing this?

click on the object in edit mode, select all its faces and click “unwrap”, then, go to the UV editor window and you should see all the faces unwrapped, then click “image” > “New” > select what size you want your image > “UV Test Grid” selected > “Ok”. Thats your new image! now try baking it.

uhm… nope, no difference. i was thinking maybe it had something to do with my screen looking different than that on the tutorial. how do you get the screen to be split, so you can see both 3d veiw and uv editind at the same time?

Under the top menu bar - when it turns to a double arrow - right click and select split area.

As long as the low poly object has been unwraped, you could try reversing the order that you select the meshes.