Issues involving Textures and Seams that won't go away.

Hi, I’m having issues trying to get rid of the seams on my moon.

I’m using blender 2.78 so it’s likely a newer version than the teacher. I’m following this tutorial: and I’ve reached about 27:00 of the video. he uses the blend option on the Texture Node to blend away the seams, I tried the same thing and it hasn’t worked at all, the seams are still there, how would I fix this?

Link to the test is here and it’s about 4 MB in size:

If you look closely at the video, you can see Gleb is also using 2.78, Blend should work, you may not get the exact result, but it should be close.

Here is my workthrough of that tutorial, each scene covers one aspect of it. Scene.06 is the “lunar surface” one, so compare my work to yours and see if there are any obvious differences.

Blend file in RAR archive: