Issues Making Blade Tip

I’m having a hard time identifying what’s causing this issue near the tip of the sword where it looks blocky. The rest of the edge seems to render smoothly…


sword_002_unpacked.blend (193 KB)

Your tip didn’t taper at all, resulting in some odd face angles. Check this file out. You may want to add some more taper along the last few sections of the blade as well.


sword.blend (212 KB)

I can see what you did there, but I don’t know what you mean by tapering. I took a look at the rest of the rendered geometry and it looks like it’s doing the same as the tip…

Might I have made the sword the wrong way?

When I made the blade I used a bezier curve as a guide for the edge using the “snap to” options. The blade was made using a cube, changing the height to what I wanted, subdividing the object a few times, and making the edges snap to the curve (which actually seemed to require me to make planes, take off two points, use the curve modifier, and then make the points snap to the plane instead).

I see what you mean now - I misunderstood before. You just don’t have enough faces for that section of the sword.

I’ve done a subsurface on the sword. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s what you were looking for.


sword.blend (244 KB)

Thanks! I did a subsurf using a simple subdivision in the subsurf modifier rather than whatever you did. The render seems a lot smoother.

If you know, would you mind explaining what the difference is between subsurfing the way I did and just doing a subdivision? I can see that they render differently. When I just do a subdivide command it rendered the same way my original file had but on a smaller level, which is kind of what I expected.

i believe that subdivide simply subdivides the faces, but the subsurf modifier subdivides the faces and smooths the mesh…realigns the normals in some way