Issues of exporting .abc file with Breasts Bone Constraint

  I've created an animation of my dancing girl in Blender 2.83, and for getting the better performance of her breasts deformation, I've bound Lattice with her spine bone, and added a Soft Body physics on the Lattice.

  To make sure the Breast deforms as the Lattice does, I added a Bone Constraint tool named 'Track To' for the Breast Rigging Controller, which helped the Breast Rigging Controller keep pointing to the End of Lattice as 'Target' .

After all these, the breasts deformations do good in blender,
but they can’t be exported successfully in .abc file.

I’ve tried the ‘Calculate To Frame’ & ‘Update All To Frame’ options of Cache Setting, and it didn’t work.
I’ve also tried the ‘Object>Animation>Bake Action’ of Top Menu, that made no differences in .abc file.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks a lot.