Issues on mobile device

theme is broken, and i think it ignores my scale settings, everything is set to the smallest possible, yet it keeps feeling like its getting zoomed in.

another bug, keyboard is popping up again, and this menu is grossy over sized as well.

I’ll need some more information: which browser do you use, where did you set the scale settings, and to which value?

Please provide reproduction steps.

i use latest Edge on android 8.0 on a motoZ (5.5in 1920x1080 screen) edit: firefox stable is basically the same issues

interface settings

it gets so much worse when i reset my device DP to default 360

whats the search and “none” for anyway?

I’m not sure id Edge on Android is supported by Discourse. Do you have these issues on too?

And you still haven’t provided steps too reproduce your 2nd screenshot. Please tell me exactly how you arrive there.

just go to any category, and tap the drop down, simple, everyday usage.

the meta discourse is basically the same, but the drop downs there have all the descriptions so its harder to get a good comparison, however, they feel a bit slimmer some how.

seeing as its dscourse thats the issue, ill leave you alone.

just a small update, apparently websites dont respect device font scaling, so i had to reset my device font to default and scale the dp.

this doesnt fix the keyboard popping up when you tap the cats or tags menu (aggressive search box), but makes it less of an issue since everything reasonably scaled