Issues Parenting Objects to Bones

Hello, everyone.

I’m trying to parent an object to a bone, but when I do the object moves and it’s position is offset from the original.

Originally the object’s origin point was at the scene origin, so I moved it to the center of the object, but it’s still happening. It did affect how much the object is translated.

The object was created in 3dsmax and imported into Blender.

A Google search yielded very little…although I might be searching for the wrong phrases.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.

I fixed this issue with a workaround. the issue was that I had a rigged character and withe the eyes as two separate meshes. I tried attaching them to the head bone, to no avail. So the solution was to join them with the character model and weight them to the rig.

Still, it seems like I should be able to just attach a mesh to a bone without it translating. Curious to find out if anyone has had this experience and what they did to fix it. I’m sure I’ll run into this in the future if I continue using Blender.