Issues Publishing/Packaging UPBGE Games (Mac)

I work on a Mac, so I already had challenges with the old BGE when it came to exporting games. Ironically, it seemed easier for me to export (publish) games as .exe to my system using the Windows version of Blender than it was for me to publish games as .app with the Mac version of Blender. I would set the Blender Player location and everything, which would work FINE for a Windows user going to .exe, but for me the only way I could get a functioning .app game was if I were to overwrite a Blender Player app, and if the overwrite were within the Blender folder.

Fast forward to now with UPBGE, and by issues are now worse. There seems to not even be a place for me to define where the Blender Player should be. I’m sorry I have a hard time explaining issues, it just seems like nobody else is having these problems and yet I can’t escape them. I have the “Save as Game Engine Runtime” add-on enabled and everything. What am I doing wrong…?