Issues stacking curves for 2D animation

Hi guys, over the last two years I’ve been experimenting with Blender for my 2d animations and although I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it, I couldn’t help but find myself confused by a single issue … curves.

When you try to stack curves together the render has trouble deciphering which curve is the overlay which results in a mess. Using curves is very common in 2d animation due to the fact that it gives us easy control over shapes and line strokes. Basically, it’s very useful to have a stroke and a shape fill together in a single object rather than contained separately. This is especially true when when you have to animate movements. Although Blender supports curves, we have to keep each curve in its own object which makes working with shape keys difficult.

Anyway, I was wondering if this topic is discussed from time to time and if any of the developers have made a note of it?