issues using the curve modifieer

i haveing issues when adding a curve modifier to geometry . I add the curve modifier a to simple plane and the plane then move away and up the screnn this then creates problems on the curve properties when deforming. I will addd an image to this description . As this might explain the proble better

I have attached the file to show the problem which occurs. I have shown this by the first sage and the second stage .

The nurbs path is choosen as the object then the mesh plane shoot away this creating problem s for accuracy and cant complete the tunnel due to this issue


I wish this were true, but alas, you have not actually attached the file.
Very likely the problem is that there is a problem with object scales and/or origins, this is a common problem with people using this mod.

I have attached the file above your post. You can see were the origin point is on the image . I have decided to move the line to the size of the plane. Move it below the plane wheni use the modifer snap up the length of the line as fit in the same postion

The image above your post Druban shows the befopre and after. Its an ovwer head view as this best view to see the placemnt

I have attached the iomage not the file. As this show the plane is snapping up by the lines lengh . The fiant black line near to the plane is the path


I’m sure someone will be along who will be able to help you by just looking at your screenshot. Sorry I couldn’t, just hang in there.

The Curve modifier is a weird beast, in your case you should put the first point of the curve at its own origin, then put the curve origin at the bottom edge of the plane, that is the edge with the lower value on the y axis.


DruBan is right. You’re showing the problem but it’s not enough to figure out the source of the problem in your case. You’re also showing cropped images so no way of knowing the curve deform modifier settings, object transforms, blender version, anything else without asking. Perhaps check the tutorial that is linked in my signature.

Can’t help much further, figure out what the problem is yourself. This might help with that

i post full screenshots later as for now i found a way around the problem . i made the path the same size as the obect to deform and place the object beolw the path when i added the path to the object snapped the full lentgh of the line snapping the object in the correct place. I know this not the correct method however it worked . I palce the obejct just below the path when adding the modifier then snaps in the correct postion when i add the modifier as always the lenghth of the line that my error was happening .

There is still an error however this method is working fine . and now deforms the correct way. I will post results later tonight

Ive created anew file ive this tim shown the dimnesions I am using.

Its a plane with array modifier added to the stack selection (array 2) direction is in the y direction value of 1 .

Ive then added a path move the cursor to the bottom of the path beforte scaling. Then added a curve modifier to the plane . The you can see how it has jumped by the lengh of the path


First of all as everyone before me said, we don’t have your .blend file and you should upload it. I don’t know if the problem is fixed or not. But you need to have the origin of the object and curve in the exact same spot, the first handle of the curve should be at one end of the object, and the last handle at the other end of the object.