Issues w/ blender

alright… i went through the basic training and i now know alot more about blender than i did before. im having some troubles though… the only host i have right now is geocities, so bear w/ me.

This is what its supposed to look like:

heres what mine looks like:

  • note that it told me only to do one half of it, 'cause i can duplicate & flip it. *

so far it looks ok. but when i press numpad key ‘0’ this is what it looks like:


im guessing that its wrong because i dont think im the the default plane ( i dunno, im guessing )

but yea, this is really disencouraging me… i try something really easy, but it messes up anyways :< .

anwyas… the geocities looks really bad, sorry about that.

Your data transfer is exceeded…

Use and you can show us within the thread.

EDIT: took pictures down. too small so you couldnt see.

ok… ill describle the problem to you…

on view numpad 7 it looked fine. a 1D image, all connected.

BUT, when i went to numpad 0 it wasnt flat at all. it was like a K’nexx snake gone wrong. it wasnt flat, and it looked like it was falling… how do i fix that?

I managed to see only the second of your images and from what I see, I guess that your guessing is correct… :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I understand, every time you add new vertices, they appear in non co-planar positions in Blender’s 3D space and this happens because at some point, you must have accidentally pressed the left mouse button somewhere randomly and placed the cursor elsewere than you should have it… Note that every time you add new vertices they are placed in the same Plane that your 3D cursor is…

To fix this, delete all the non co-plannar vertices, then go to an orthogonal view, (lets say front view) and with your Mesh “shape” selected press SHIFT+S… Then from the popup menu select ‘snap—>cursor to selection’… Start all over again… From now on all the vertices you add will be co-plannar…

I hope that I have understood corectlly and that this will help you out…


Actually, that would be 2d. :slight_smile:

Tim is half-right on your problem… the reason it is like that is because when you view from front/side/top you are only messing with 2 dimensions, and the third is set at wherever your cursor is by default when you create new vertices.

However, you don’t need to start over. Just do a scale in one dimension, press “s” and then x, y, or z to scale in that dimension. Since you’re in top view, you’re looking at y and x, so you’ll want to press s, hold ctrl (snap to grid) and press z, then scale to zero. Problem solved, it will become flat (2d) again.

Yeah I suppose this is a much better “approach”… :smiley:

O.k. do as Shbaz tells you to fix your model and don’t forget to ‘snap–>cursor to selection’ in order to make sure that the new vertices you add from now on, will be on the same Plane…