Issues when opening a previously saved file.


I’ve been using Blender 2.79 on and off for the last week progressing through the infamous donut tutorial, however after opening up my file this morning I’ve been met with a sudden wierdness that I hope someone can rectify.

Here’s the system specs - Windows 10 latest version / i7 4790K / 32GB RAM / GTX 970

If I open up blender via its shortcut ie not opening up a .blend file everything works perfectly, no issues whatsoever. Which rules out any conflict with GPU drivers, Windows settings etc.

However when I open up my donut file that was last saved yesterday, it now suddenly opens up the interface but also alongside another window filled with black, sometimes a white window with a small blender logo in the middle.

Now if I manually close the black window everything seems to work as it has been, however if I leave the black window open then when I click on user preferences, the black window seems to replace the interface window!

Something in this recently saved file is causing the issue as opening up the application via its .exe shortcut works perfectly. I have attached some screenshots and thanks in advance.


Just as a side note - The autosave .blend1 file opened up without any issue. So as a workaround I used that and saved over the original file. I still have the problematic file and its autosave backed up on a storage drive so if any devs want to have a look at what might have caused it then I 'd be happy to send them over.