Issues with a new GPU (M60-8Q)

Good day everyone!

At my work, I got a remote access to a good computer with a GRID M60-8Q GPU to use it to render my project instead of a render farm.
Now, I was told it would be a super fast card which would be many times better then my Nvidia GTX 1060 Card.
However, when rendering a few frames, I noted that it was just slightly faster.
Did I do something wrong? Do you know if one should take additional settings to properly use this card, or maybe some further setup regarding multithreading?
Or is it actually a weak graphics card?

Thank you very much, I hope someone can help me!


You could take a look at this here link. It might explain a little… :slight_smile: It’s a Maxwell 2.0 architecture card from 2015.
actually, this link is better… It has your card in it instead of the 1080ti

Thank you!
I think I solved it now. It really is just a weak card as it seems…


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