Issues with converting high poly to low poly

I am currently working on the gun mesh. I made high poly version and it have 1.6 million faces.

As I want to publish it online, I need to make low poly. I am not familiar with that workflow, so this is the way i tried to do that:

  1. I duplicated high poly part, and got rid of some topology.

2.Then I used decimate modifier (collision), and set the ratio as much as I could without deforming mesh. When I use decimate I inevitably get shading errors and deformed edges.

I have my modifier stack as follows:
-weighted normal

What is actually the way to do this, and I don’t think of baking normals, but firstly decreasing the poly count of the low poly mesh.
Also, what is generally considered acceptable for games, and is 28000 faces to much?
This really makes me headache, so any advise is highly appreciated.

In general, for a gun, sure 28000 is too much. What is acceptable is going to vary… in certain 3rd person situations <1k, for first person it might be a fair bit higher.

I have never got good results with decimate, and always use Instant Meshes ( which honestly is so damn good. However for a hard surface object like that I would literally remodel it entirely, working over the top of it then bake.

It looks really cool btw love the shapes.

Thank you very much for the advice on which software should I use. It is awesome. And especially for praising the model. As a beginner that means a LOT to me. :smiley: