Issues with Cycles and GPU

When i change the cycles render to use the GPu instead of the CPU, all i get is checkered backgrond and not the image i wanted to render. Is this a transparent background? When i switch it to render form the CPU, it shows what i want to render? does anyone know why this is happening?

basically Blender Cycles does not support all the features in Blender when using the GPU as it isn't coded into the CUDA coding yet wait a few versions and it should be but it isn't at this moment is all. Now if you want to go ahead and code it into the CUDA coding in Blender we will be happy that you did but there is nothing obligating you to do so.

Check the notification bar at the top of the render window. More than likely you’re running out of vRAM before the scene can begin rendering. If not, make sure your GPU is actually supported and make sure you have the newest drivers from nVidia.