Issues with file size due to verticies

Hey, I’m new to Blender, and don’t actually do any modeling per se. I am working with high resolution micro CT scans of fossil bones. In the CT imaging software I can create 3D meshes, however, they are HUGE meshes. I am trying to make it a more realistic file to print. Right now, one of my models has 27.1 MILLION vertices!! The file size for one bone 13 cm long is 9.11 GB, so no one seems to be able to print it in 3D for me. How do I use Blender to reduce the vertices count?

You need to retopologize the mesh. It can take a lot of time depending on the complexity of the mesh and the person doing the work, you will also lose some details depending on how many polygons you want the new mesh to be and the micron rating of the 3d printer.

did you try some other soft like Matlab
to split your model in smaller parts
or directly reduce qty of verts to less then a few Mpixels

I mean depends on your machine size and Memory you got
but for average machine you need to be less then around 2 Megapixels.

happy bl

I think your best bet would be to use to decimate the model. here’s a reasonable looking tutorial on how to do that: