Issues with mantaflow real-world scale

I haven’t begun on this particular project so I don’t have references of the problem at hand but I figure anyone who knows how to fix this will immediately know the problem I am describing. I want to point out I see a lot of other people who have posted about this but none recently and no answers so now that it’s been a thing for a little while longer maybe someone knows.

There seems to be an issue with simulations as a whole, but in my specific case, water simulations, at a samaller scale. If I make a cup to scale, 7cm at the bottom and 9cm at the top with a 11cm height, just realisitic but fictional estimates for sake of argument, the mantaflow particles are nealy half the size of the glass it’s self. To build a water sim to scale you basically need to have a 1m large cup which is far from realistic. I know I can increase the resolution but that doesn’t actually seem to be changing the particle size, just the density. Also, the physics is behaving like it is small on a big mesh. The way I have been getting around it is by scaling my entire scene by 10, baking the sim, then scaling the sim and everything else back down to scale, but this is horribly unreasonable on larger scenes and generally a pain in the A. I want to also add that I always freeze my transformations and that somehow always makes the problem even worse than when I started which I almost find hilarious because that typically fixes 99% of problems so it is leaving me scratching my head even more than usual.

I am wondering if anyone knows how I might be able to scale the simulation and particles to be at scale with the rest of the scene.

I would really appreciate it if anyone knows and seeing as how this seems to be a common problem, I am sure others would like to know as well.