Issues with Multi Local Axis Rotations in Blender 2.79b and 2.8

Hello all. I noticed if I use the local axis rotation constraint hotkeys on multiple selections from older versions of the software (R+Z+Z for example), I no longer get the type of local axis rotation I expect from a multi selection. I tried in both Blender 2.79b stable as well as the latest 2.8 build. What do I have to do to make this work like in previous builds?

Hey lux set the pivot to individual origins and orientation to normal not local and do R+Z only in 2.80 and R+Z+Z in 2.79b.

Thank you very much, Rambo! Glad to see you once again after so long. Interestingly, your suggestion did work but only if I used the rotate gizmo and rotate “icon” from the tool shelf on the left (this is Blender 2.8). If I simply use the R hotkey, even with Individual Origins enabled and Transform Orientation “normal”, I still get a wonky result like in my screencap. Using the gizmo and rotate tool worked as expected though. Do you notice the same behavior? Perhaps I should make a short video to illustrate my process as I may still be doing something incorrectly.

Good to see you too!
There is a bug I already reported back in December for 2.80.

R+Z works in 2.80 as I described.

Thanks for clearing this up, ramboblender! I may need to update a couple older tutorials for the new Blender 2.8 workflow. There seems to have been a few changes to hotkeys and such which would be significant enough to confuse users trying to follow along. I think I’ll just make some new tutorials with different objects that use similar techniques as previous tuts just to update certain workflows.